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Client Reviews

"Nikki didn’t just change my life – she changed my lifestyle. In the six years after starting my career, I gained over 70 pounds from stress over-eating, lack of exercise, living a sedentary lifestyle, and general lack of knowledge about healthy food options. After sitting down with Nikki for lunch one day, I felt a surge of inspiration hearing her speak about setting goals and losing weight the right way and being happy with the person in the mirror – and, most importantly, how that person feels. So, I said, “Let’s do this!” Nikki recommended a new healthy supplement system, she put together a workout plan based on my age, weight, ability, and weight loss goals, and sent over recipes that were portion controlled and delicious. Even better, she took the time to teach me things I was embarrassed to ask questions about – how much protein is enough/too much? Are carbs really the enemy? What’s good/bad for me? I thought I was setting myself an audacious goal of losing 30 pounds before my 30th birthday (~3 months away from my diet start date)… but by following Nikki’s thoughtful plan, I hit my goal within two months, and I have never felt healthier in my entire life. Nikki gave me the gift of seeing the person I always wanted to see when I looked in the mirror, and made me feel a sense of self-love that I had lost over time. As fringe benefits, I find my stress levels are down, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy to tackle projects around the house I’ve been putting off, and I’m meeting goals that I didn’t think I would ever be able to meet… like running a 5k! Nikki is more than coach, more than a fitness instructor, and more than a nutritionist. She’s the friend you turn to when you don’t think you can do something, the push you need to jump off the cliff and say “Yes, I muthaf&$%ing can”, and the support system at the bottom who will catch you and then make you climb back up and do it again. I can’t recommend working with her enough!!!"

"Nicole was friendly and took the time to find out about what I've been doing and what my goals were.  She didn't rush through and was genuinely concerned that I was satisfied.  Also, she instructed of varying techniques and levels of difficulty which I feel will keep me on track and limit boredom.  She really knew her stuff and wasn't just informing me of what works for her.  I felt as if she definitely made the session tailored to me individually.  I'm excited and motivated to see results.  I can already feel tightness after only a few workouts!  I'm definitely sticking with her!  Well worth it!"

"Great trainer and motivator! Gives good direction and is my personal cheerleader."

About Us

Why should you have a coach?

If reaching our health & fitness goals were easy to do, everyone would have done it by now!  This is a journey, and I want to help you reach your destination.

Custom Plans & Support

This is not the cookie cutter approach, this is personalized coaching focused on YOU

What makes me so different?

I am a former executive from Corporate America who can relate to juggling a thousand things.  I decided to pursue my passion for helping others, so I obtained an NASM Certified Personal Training and ACE Health Coach certifications.  I get you and I can help you.